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Calamity Jack Polly, Stubby & Al   F A vaccys Tale
Occupy America A Cerulean Hug Cop on the Hook Spawn of Evil
Let Go of the Roof! The End of the Carefree Days The Chameleon Soldier Puzzle of Death
The Lady Vanishes! The Psychic Spy The Reluctant Psychic The Tourist From The Light
Grim Reaping Transported Born Without Arms

We invite you to freely browse our virtual bookshop to read various extracts, reviews and comments before deciding to buy the full download.

All titles are available in both Mobi and ePub formats, open standards with great compatibility across a wide range of eReaders. They have become the universal standards within the eReader sector.

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Like our parent website My Book LIve, we offer unique statistical feedback to help writers determine where improvements may be needed to entice readers to purchase their work.

Writers can view their stats and number of hits in four categories including:
  • front cover with title and subtitle
  • back cover/blurb
  • free extracts, reviews, or trailers
  • full download
These stats are automatically emailed to each author weekly and provide important information. For example, a low number of hits on the free extract, etc. may indicate the title or book covers need to be changed. If the number of actual downloads is low, a writer may want to re-examine their choice of extract, etc. Indeed, we know of one case where a book failed - - but then achieved sales of over 60,000 after simply changing the title! So, we know that feedback is vital to success!


All Virtual Bookshop submissions are initially reviewed by our team. We will then offer constructive suggestions and assistance. For those writers who require editing, book design or illustration, we are happy to offer a choice of independent professionals for those services.

Our writers receive 60% of download sales, the largest proportion. 25% of the balance is donated to carefully selected charities by My Book Live, Ltd.

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